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Welcome to A guide to California, this guide to California contains a vast amount of information on California, and its people. What’s more, it is free for you to read in full and consult.

This California Travel Guide is full of useful information and things to do on your visit to California, Looking for accommodation or places to stay in California? Then search our free California Travel Guide. Shopping in California? Our free travel guide to California is for you. There is no limit to the information we have on virtually any area: details of restaurants for eating out in California, bars and nightclubs in California, California watersports, beaches in California, tours in California, events and activities in California, are all available for you in our free California Travel Guide.  Containing a vast amount of information about California and its people, A guide to California will prove your first stop when visiting California for business or tourism, no matter which area of the state you are travelling in.

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If America is the land of opportunity, then that’s certainly true for travelling in California. California offers a unique combination of the biggest cities with fast paced metropolitan life and areas of unspoiled beauty for outdoor activities. The most populous state in the Union, California is also one of the largest states by land area.  Many of its landscapes and cities are instantly recognizable to visitors.

The San Francisco Bay Area is home to Silicon valley and the city of
San Francisco itself -still carrying its reputation as one of the coolest places of this planet.   From sparkling beaches and fog enshrouded mountains, the "City by the Bay" offers the ultimate in a relaxed lifestyle in the middle of a big city.  To the Northeast is the Napa Valley and to the North is the Sonoma Valley (both part of Northern California’s famed wine country, one of the world’s best-known wine growing regions.

Los Angeles is far and away the most populous city in California and is located in the southern half of the state. It’s a great and very diverse city, and you can find every possible lifestyle represented in this micro cosmos. You can find everything from rags to riches, from Tinseltown to East L.A. Beach lovers can head south to visit Orange County´s Huntington Beach for the ultimate experience in Surf City USA or head to the Californian Riviera city of Laguna Beach to check out the famous art scene.  LA is also home to a little thing called Hollywood.

Of course, for mainstream tourists, Southern California is also known for its theme parks, like Disneyland, California Adventure, Knott’s Berry Farm, Six Flags Magic Mountain, Universal Studios, and many more. These places can be fun to visit especially for families, and continue bring in tourists by the millions every year.  A common excursion for visitors to Southern California is to Las Vegas, a paradise for any budding high rollers. For better or worse, it’s an experience to be remembered. 

San Diego in the south of the state and offers good beaches and water sports with all year sun, a superb coastline and a series of attractions and facilities to cater for any tourist’s needs.

The Central Coast is right between L.A. and San Francisco with Santa Barbara as its most important city.  It includes some of the most spectacular shoreline in America including the Monterey Peninsula and the rugged shored of the Big Sur coast.

Lake Tahoe, Lake Mono and Yosemite in the High Sierra are the best spots to go for hiking and other outdoor activities.  This area also supports an extensive ski area, an option for winter visitors.  In the warmer months, you can experience some of the most awe inspiring scenery anywhere in America.  Yosemite National Park,in particular, is one of the world’s great natural treasures and justifiably receives millions of visitors each year. 

California has one of the most diverse climates of any state. If you can stand the heat, try exploring one of California’s many Deserts; Death Valley is probably the best of these and certainly the most famous. On the other end of the climate spectrum, the North offers a very different climatic experience.  From San Francisco to the Oregon border extends the North Coast region, miles of rocky coastline, with breathtaking cliffs and unforgettable views.  In addition, the region contains coastal redwoods forests, with some of the oldest and tallest trees on planet.


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